Pengendalian Vektor

Mari bersama melawan vektor "Demam Berdarah" untuk keluarga kita.

Pengendalian Vektor Bayer

We care for millions.

Our expertise has shown us that Vector Control needs a holistic approach if it is to be truly effective.

With our 360° activities, we provide an innovative product portfolio, interdisciplinary partnerships, training and education programs as well as global advocacy. We partner to fight vector-borne diseases and protect millions of people around the world.

Eradicate Malaria by 2040

With the hard work, commitment and collaboration of the world’s leading vector control innovators, the journey to malaria eradication now has a focused destination.


Solfac® 10WP

Wettable Powder

Solfac® WP 10 adalah insektisida piretroid untuk...

K-Othrine 20 EW Insektisida

K-Othrine® 20 EW

Emulsion Oil in Water

K-Othrine®20 EW adalah konsentrat berbasis piretroid dengan...